Hello!! Guys, I’m Jhar one of a guest blogger. Juler, owner is this domain Lessonko gave an opportunities to introduces my self for benefit of his friends in blogging community. I am a managing partner of Juler in his blogs. My main domain is I think and Showbites. I think is my first blog and Showbites is my main domain right now, this domain was given by Juler and I am the one managing it.

At first I’m not interested in blogging world because its just a waste of time, money and liabilities. But I’m really inspired of what Juler have done in past few years, he earn something big and he treat me. At this point I’m now earning not that much but I have to be patient because money is not easy to earn you have to gave your effort and maybe time to do it. I’m not saying that you have to blog and blog, this is just a extra income.

By the way Juler was not able to update this domain regularly because he is busy reviewing for the upcoming board examination of Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Hope that you can visit my own domain.

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