Smallville Season 8 Episode 12 Bulletproof

Watch Smallville Season 8 Episode 12 Bulletproof Online. Smallville Bulletproof is the second episode to be released this year 2009. To be exact January 22, 2009 Thursday the airing date of Smallville s08e12 Bulletproof. For those who are fun of watching Smallville don’t missed any episodes.

Smallville Bulletproof Season 8 Episode 12 Preview: Clark goes undercover as a cop to discover who shot John Jones. Meanwhile, Lana unsettles Tess with her opinion on Lex, prompting Luthorcorp s head to reconsider her position with the company.

In case you missed this episode, online streaming of Smallville Season 8 Episode 12 Bulletproof will be available.


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  2. I just saw this episode from a site, I know I’m kind’a too late for this episode since the Episode 13 has already showed up. Anyways, just for those guys who haven’t watch this episode you can check this link Smallville Season 8 Episode 12 for an online video streaming. Enjoy!!!

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