Belated Happy 26th Birthday Juler

I missed the opportunity to greet myself on my special birthday so I am obligated to post this article here, just to brag a little.

My special day started like the any ordinary day. I went to office do my work, work and working to look like am working, its pretty hard really to pretend. I am sure i will get a memo for this. :)

Wala parin talaga, di parin gumagana ang utak ko para magawa ng isang may kabuluhang akda… Still I don’t have it. My enthusiasm in blogging totally shuttered and I can’t get the right rhythm – its frustrating Google you are the reason why you know that… Very typical, blaming others for your own fault..

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes my “birthday” day. I spent the rest of the day enjoying my favorite PBA team, BMEG played and treat myself a little dinner. Its a nice treat actually, sitting along side with LG Moreno, Sol Mercado and Gabe Norwood in the sideline is totally different experience. I am not that star fanatic so i let my cellphone camera shy for that moment.

To sum it all, as the famous line in Debate – at the end of the day – Belated Happy 26th Birthday Juler

2 Responses to “ Belated Happy 26th Birthday Juler ”

  1. nice juler, happy birthday dude!

  2. Thanks, bro… I am getting old and so do you.. hahaha…

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