My Review Class On CRC-ACE

I am currently enrolled in CRC-ACE Review Center here in Baguio for the Accountancy Board Exam this coming May. I chose morning session because its the time my mind is functioning more efficiently and more effectively or in the other word, it is most suitable time for me.

I have almost 5 months preparation for this board exam, and i believe that this 5 months preparation is sufficient in passing the board exam. The preparation of course should be rigid, sacrifices should be made in order to achieve the end results… Others are not determined enough that’s why they failed in actual board exam, an example that should not be followed.

Sipag at Tigaya lang ang kailagnan to pass. Determination and well power. I would like to borrow the quote of CRC-ACE “Prepare to TOP if you fail, you PASS“.

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  2. hi po.. ask q lang po kung saan yung crc ace..

  3. maganda pa din ba magreview sa CRC-ACE ngayon?

    please comment….


  4. mark ,

    meron sa may morayta, espana…. dun sa may overpass.. pag papunta ka quiapo…. baba ka morayta then…. overpass dun sa taas ng ;seven eleven

  5. we are accountants and must be careful with our grammar.

    please do not misconstrue this as an insult. why not communicate in your native tongue instead of expressing yourself in a foreign language which you are not really good at. saying it in tagalog, okay lang… hindi ka pa mapipintasan.

    anyway, i wish you the best of luck.
    sana makapasa ka sa cpa board exam.

  6. hi..

    gusto ko lang magtanong kung saan ang CRC-ACE Baguio..
    at kung ano ang contact number nila..

    maraming salamat..


  7. sa gaya q na matagal bago nakapagdecide bago mgreview, i recommend crc-ace kc ok ung lecture nila..
    11 years aq na d nag take and akala q mahihirapan aq masyado..thanks to crc-ace malaki ang naitulong sa kin..ang gagaling ng mga reviewers nila..

  8. i have a friend hu wants to take a refresher course..required na pala un ngaun?buti na lang nung time namin..WE CAN TAKE THE EXAM FOREVER ang drama ng PRC..ang gulo..gudluck sa mga mag eexam..

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