Happy 3rd Year Annivesary

Today marks the 3rd year of existence of this humble blog of mine. Time is really flying fast, it feels like i bought this domain yesterday. Speaking of flying I can see right now that an airplane is gliding smoothly above my head, free and  mighty.

I don’t really have something to say today aside to declare to the world that this is the day – came to existence three years ago. Nothing really spectacular happened with this blog of mine as it stay to the level of “not so good blog” in the blogging world. Naturally seeing this blog rocketed to the sky and gain the recognition it deserve is a dream just like the airplane just past by moments ago.

Again, Happy Anniversary to, more year to come and more earnings to rake… and NO SUGAR for Me.

2 Responses to “ Happy 3rd Year Annivesary ”

  1. O post na agad ng seo items natin dyan, hehe. good to see you back online juler! it’s time to invade the web again 😀

  2. Hi Dimaks, thanks for visiting me again. Don’t worry bro after this month kayang kaya na ulit bumalik… it just many things to do at the office right now. thanks ulit brother…

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