Happy New Year to the highest

I would like to extend my regards to everybody this year 2010. Happy New year Guys, hope and pray that you will be blessed continuously by Lord God. To all my friends and fellow bloggers continue being nice and good karma will happen to you. if the year 2009 is not good as you think you have the year 2010 – you are given a chance to have a better year ahead of you.

I don’t have any year end report like what Dexter did in his blog, because i don’t have much to report, this year mostly all my blogs are in hiatus or in vacation mode. But nonetheless small bucks keep coming but not that much compare before when all my blogs perform well. In due time the lost glory will be restored and you better watch out for it… hehehe, Sorry am just talking to myself again.

Happy New Year to all.

4 Responses to “ Happy New Year to the highest ”

  1. Ang maganda nyan passive income is still coming in :) Happy New Year Juler

  2. Oo nga kuya Dex, its good that passive income comes in… buti nalang… pa sponsor nga ng laptop dyan para maka back to blogging world na ulit ako… hehehe nag tyaga lang muna ako sa netshop eh… :)

  3. hoping that our country will become progressive this year so that para ma.increase naman sahud..hahaha.same as juler, I am aiming for laptop also.

  4. Hello there brother Edwin, Thanks for the visit, its an addition to my declining traffic…

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