Dream house
If Big brother have it big house popularly known as Bahay ni Kuya, I also have my own house, well basically it is not mine it a family house, which is not that big as of Big Brother, it is just small as a hut, and mind you that is not my dream house.

So what is my dream house? I don’t really have the specific right now, but i want it to be big not as big as of Bahay ni Kuya but Similarly big. I want to have 4 bedrooms and one master bed room, a mini library, a small cinema for fun and adventure, Big garage, spacious and a pool at the side. What do you called that house? Mansion maybe, yeah, that’s my dream house. It is big and spacious, enormous and most of all expensive! I cannot afford that house at my present working condition… By time will come to have this dream a reality, and hope that will not be that late…

Of course having a big house it follows that the appliances and equipments should and must in harmony of the house theme or ambiance… Big and bulky equipment yet elegantly made for my dream house, (hehehe am day dreaming, please just let me) but more importantly i like that this house be called a HOME.

Having a house is different of course from having a home, here in Philippines, It is easy to own a house but in America it is not, mostly their houses are product of mortgages so basically or technically it is not their own. Maybe that’s they have this American Home Shield thing for warranty of the house as well as the equipments to ease the burden when it comes to repairing the said house or appliances.

It is natural I think that house owner loves his/her house by safeguarding it from any harm. Any one want to donate to make my Dream house a dream house came true? 😛

(Image from: www.themovechannel.com)

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