We all know the function of an auditing firm, it lends credibility to the financial statements in question. Though the main purpose of an audit is to express an opinion on the validity and reliability of the information incorporated in the financial statements, that opinion really have the big weight in business world. You may be asking why in the world am talking about auditing here! Of course I will, SGV – the audit firm is involve with todays post.

Amidst with the not so recent controversy or scandal in game shows in television, SGV is  lending its credibility to the game shows in question. If you noticed, recently after the design glitch in one of the game show on ABS-CBN, the company hires the audit firm to minimize doubt that fraud indeed exists.

Well, we can’t blame the media network in doing so but the present of the audit firm is a clear indication that fraud really exist(i just think so).  Because if you are confident that you did not have engage in any fraudulent act you will not be needing any audit firm especially if where talking about game show just a presence of an DTI representative suffice that such game show follows the rules and procedures given to them.

Well this clearly shows that lending a credibility is not anymore limited to the financial statements but even to game shows. I think the lesson that we could learn form this fiasco is that to be honest, if were just honest we will not be needing those audit firm anymore. Considering human behavior and attitude there could be still some doing no so honest thing.

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