After this post is published i am officially on vacation, yes am on vacation or to be exact am on holiday. Holiday on blogging, that means this it will take a long while after this blog will be posted again another post or articles. Am taking this chance to officially announce that this blogging holiday is not permanent but temporary only.

You may ask me why in the world am on blogging holiday? Well, it a necessity for me to do so! I need some time and space for my new adventure. My dream a long time due dream of mine to be a CPA (Certified Public Accountant). Am taking this Board exam this October, and I am currently enrolled in a Review Center. So naturally to pass this board exam and to be called CPA i have some sacrifices to do.

Prioritized, that’s what I am doing and intent to do, well honestly seeing by blog it seems that i already on blogging holiday long time ago( hahaha) but this time let me make it official. I know by making this this blog as well as my other blogs will be on still water, meaning dead no traffic and no visitor and no money for me. but its okay, it will only take 5 months for this journey and after that business as usual again.

So, let me ask people out there if you are willing to take over or become by guest blogger for that time span let me know and I am glad i could make some arrangement with you. Just leave me a message to my cell number. +639216169260, you can use to send your text messages for free.

Guys, see you soon and wish me luck in this journey. To God be the Glory…

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