Its been I while since the last time i post sensible post in this blog of mine, I welcome back myself, though i declared that i will be having a blogging holiday I just can’t take that promise. I found myself eager to hit that keyboard and input nonsense post in my blogs. Maybe that is the blogger in me, can’t just let the day past without posting a post.

I don’t know if again I am making sense in writing this posts, all i want to do is to have a post in this blog and to stop the hiatus of this blog. Almost a month being stagnant i hope that the index pages will not be affected by it. O i noticed I used hiatus, pardon me folks I myself don’t really know the meaning of that work, mahina ako sa grammar eh! 🙂

I am now in the 3rd paragraph of this post sooner after this paragraph it will be the 4th obviously, what lessons did life impart me in the last few months of inactivity in the blogging world and to the real world. There are so many to mention and to few to be considered a list. So basically i have nothing to say sensible again.

Maybe the sensible thing that I’ve done in the last few days is the establishment of my new blog at It is focus on ways on how to make money online, the niche is very saturated but it is the top performing niche in the net right now. I hope that i will do justice in the joining that niche.

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